Tulsa, Oklahoma

Waller Trucking made a delivery to Push Pedal Pull, 395 K Street, Jenks, OK 74037. The driver arrived sometime between 10 – 11 pm on May 17. Sometime between 9pm May 17th and 5AM May 18th the fence on the west side of the building was damaged. Based on the drivers comments to another tenant at approximately 5am May 18th and the location of the rig in all probability the driver entered the complex from the West side of the building. Although I have no witness to the truck hitting the fence in all likelihood this driver caused the damage. We are simply relying on the integrity of the driver and carrier. I have a repair estimate of $300.

I contacted Tim Crowley at Waller Trucking who spoke with the driver. Mr Crowley said the driver told him he did not hit the fence.

So much for the integrity of the drive and Waller Trucking.

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I also would like to add that the anonymous "pissed consumer", that filed the complaint, is using pure conjecture in his accusation against the Waller driver without providing even a shred of evidence. Enough said on this topic.


I find it interesting that this business owner used run-on sentences in his assumption that the Waller driver damaged his fence.