Chicago, Illinois
Not resolved

waller truck company

the spam from this place is sickning and wont stop!!!

Ive reported them to everyone and they wont stop...instead they send more.

I want to take legal action if it cant be resolved.

everyday I must have 10 to 20 emails from them telling me of vacancies at their company ...why I never asked for them to contact me and my provider COMCAST is saying they wont help ...but Im going to continue to send the abuse dept EVERY SINGLE EMAIL DAILY FROM NOW ON MAYBE EVERY SINGLE EMAIL FROM WALLER TWICE UNTIL CAOMCAST GETS SICK OF IT AS I AM!!!!

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i get more than 10 emails from Waller Truck Co. but are you sure this emails are not fraudulent?

Are they real? If they are i will like to work wit them.

mail me at


I have written the company, apparently their website has been hacked, or something, but I get the annoying constant emails too, the best advice I can give you, is to individually add the host emails to your blocked list. They will slow to 2 or 3 a day after a week or so, but it still sucks



I too am getting 10 waller truck emails a day. I don't see the point. How can I stop it?!