I am being constantly bombarded by a non-stop barrage of email from the waller truck company. Every email comes from a different sender and the company does nothing when request are made to stop the harrasment.

This harrasment has got to be stopped, one way or another. I have never been assulted by this many emails from one company ever. Are the just spamming or are they just retarded. Does anyone out there have a solution to this problem.

Does anyone know how to stop thes harrasing emails. I get 4 or 5 emails in a row from these numbskulls.

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Battle Lake, Minnesota, United States #3685

This is a ID/Credit scam. The really Waller Truck Co.

(wallertruck.com) in MO is aware of it and has contacted the Attorney General to get the fake website (wllcm.com) shut down. The spammers fish for email addresses on Monster.com and then try to get your bank details.


Cornell, Michigan, United States #3333

I also was buried in emails from Waller, I finally sent them back an email informing them that they were a fraud and I took great joy in dumping their garbage in the trash, so please stop sending your junk. A funny thing happened, they stopped sending me email.

Jefferson, Maryland, United States #2905

I have just strated to get them too over the past few weeks. When I went to reply for employment. The pages redirect you to a what is your bank info credit card info. and so on. This is possibly a scam using there front page to redircet. I wrote the compainy to let them know. So if you are getting this stuff unsubscribe to any job banks for a week and this should do the trick


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